About IRIE



Scope of the IRIE

The IRIE is the official scientific review of the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE). It envisions an international as well as intercultural discussion focusing on the ethical impacts of information technology on human practices and thinking, social interaction, other areas of science and research and the society itself.
Information ethics as understood here deals with ethical questions in the field of digital production and reproduction of phenomena and processes such as the exchange, combination and use of information. Maintaining a broad focus on the corresponding ethical issues and being open for the fast developments in the field the IRIE is particularly devoted to ethical questions of all kinds of digital devices affecting through their code and/or content social interaction as raised in:

  • the internet
  • computer science (computer ethics)
  • library and information science

The journal seeks to be a general forum for ethical scholarship, research and discussion in these areas and seeks to publish the best available scientific works concerned. Contributions should deal with a critical analysis of ethical questions in any of the above mentioned fields taking into consideration the following perspectives:

  • the development of moral standards, norms or values
  • the creation of (new) power structures
  • information visions and myths
  • hidden contradictions and intentionalities in information theories, ethics and practices

The IRIE envisions to allow for an international as well as intercultural discussion amongst peers.



The IRIE is published twice a year online. All abstracts are available online, and articles as well as complete issues can be downloaded without restriction free of charge. If you would like to be notified when a new issue is published, please let us know. You will then be added to the mailing list.


Submission Guidelines


IRIE Format Guide

The IRIE Format Guide can be downloaded (right click and select „Save Target As“) as a MicrosoftTM WordTM text file and shall be used as a template for the formatting of text to be submitted.


IRIE Review Questionnaire

The IRIE Review Questionnaire can be downloaded (right click and select „Save Target As“) as a MicrosoftTM WordTM document and will be used by the peer reviewers to evaluate the manuscript.

Publication Agreement

In the event you choose to submit a manuscript to be considered for publication in the IRIE you (on behalf of yourself and your co-authors in case) agree to accept the following terms of publication.

  • Copyright Assignment: You agree to grant and assign to the IRIE the right to electronically publish and distribute the submitted manuscript and to create a derivative print work from it. The assignment shall be effective so long as the IRIE is available on computer networks. The assigned rights consist of any and all rights of whatever kind or nature now or hereafter protected by the copyright laws of Germany and of all foreign countries, in all languages and forms of communication, and the IRIE shall be the sole proprietor thereof. The IRIE in turn grants to you the right to reprint this contribution in any book of which you are the author or editor or contribute to it as well as electronically on your personal homepage, subject to your giving credit to the original publication in the IRIE with reference to the corresponding issue.
  • Warranty: You warrant that this contribution is original with you; that it contains no matter which is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful or which invades the individual privacy or infringes any proprietary right or any statutory copyright; and you agree to indemnify and hold the IRIE harmless against any claim to the contrary. Further, you warrant that you have the right to assign the copyright to the IRIE and that no portion of the copyright to this contribution has been assigned previously.
  • Previous Publication and Permission: You warrant that this contribution has not been published elsewhere in whole or in part and that no agreement to publish it is outstanding. Should your contribution contain material that requires written permission for inclusion in this contribution, such permission shall be obtained by you at your own expense from the copyright proprietor and submitted for review to the editor of the IRIE along with the manuscript.
  • Subsidiary Rights and Compensation: It is understood that you will receive no monetary compensation from the IRIE for the assignment of copyright and publication of this contribution (in the event your contribution is published in the IRIE).